developing the journey

It all started during my wedding last October 2016, when I fell in love with LOVE and with photography.  We hired an amazing duo of photographers from A Storybook Image – Rachel and Shaina.  Their passion for the art was so inspirational.  They were climbing on chairs, throwing my veil in the wind, running around the venue – all to get the perfect shot and capture the details of the day.  I consider myself a detail oriented person and all through the planning process, I obsessed over every little detail and how they would come together.  Seeing those small details documented reminded me how perfect our day was.  We relived all those amazing moments over and over.

I knew I wanted to capture all those details and moments for someone else.  I knew there are others who appreciate the details and the special times, as well.  Thus begins the exploration into my creativity and a whole new industry.

I started this blog to share my journey as I visually develop the moments of my life.  Eventually, I hope to do the same for other people so they may relive the excitement, love, and happiness through their developed moments.