Cape May, NJ

There is something about a small beach town on the East coast – the blue skies, salty air, and history in the buildings.  Did the early settlers know that these places would become the ultimate summer tourist destination?

My husband and I took a long weekend and drove down the Jersey shore to the furthest point you can go – Cape May.  There are no fist pumps and Pauly D’s here… just quaint bed and breakfasts, sandy white beaches, and the best pecan banana pancakes you can find.

This town has so much history, including the original Congress Hall and the Cape May lighthouse which has been in operation for over 100 years.  For eight bucks, you can climb the 107 stairs to the top and see the most spectacular views of Cape May’s finest.

The climb was much needed after three days of lounging in cabanas consuming endless rose and snacks. Beach days were followed by amazing meals with homemade pasta and fresh seafood.  I highly recommend: 410 Bank Street and The Blue Rose Inn for dinner.  Both places are running out of old houses converted serving the most unique and delicious fare.  Like the majority of places in Cape May, these were BYOB, which was a nice treat to bring our favorite bottle of wine.

I have typically been the type of person who likes to visit a different place every time I travel.  My philosophy has been to explore new places.  I never saw the appeal of going somewhere you had already been.  However, there is something about Cape May that draws me too it.  I am still thinking about the miles of beach, the charming downtown with boutiques and art galleries, fresh flowers, and rocking chairs on the porches.  It is a place I could imagine our family going to every year – a home away from home.  Any one else have a place they continue to visit every year?  Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Cape May, NJ”

  1. Let’s just go here. It’ll be cheap because it’s off season; it won’t be crowded, and we can probably choose where to stay without difficulty. We can still walk the beach… Put on a jacket and go. 😬😬 what’d ya think?!

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