sima + curtis – mehndi ceremony

A few months back, my sister approached me with an opportunity to photograph a mehndi ceremony.  Her best friend was getting married and was looking for someone to capture the moments. I happily accepted the chance to photograph an event and capture details and candid moments. I started researching traditional mehndi ceremonies, henna, and what to expect.  My head was bursting with ideas and shots that I thought would be great.  When I arrived, the bride, Sima, was already sitting on a couch and had started the lengthy henna process.  I started snapping right away and getting all those details that were important to this tradition.

The mehndi ceremony is a tradition that happens a few days before the wedding.  The bride typically has her arms, hands, and feet painted with intricate designs.  The process takes hours and the bride must sit steady to wait for it to dry.  The longer she let’s it sit, the darker the color will be on her skin.  Her family and friends were getting henna on their hands as well.  The groom is also there talking to the family and guests.  His initials are hidden in random places in the henna that he later needs to find.  I love the bright colors and patterns that make this event so special. The overwhelming love and happiness that surround’s these two is contagious.  I feel so honored to have been a part of this special day!

Love the way he looks at her!
The blushing bride
First arm completed


The handsome groom


bridal henna
Curtis’ initials


maid of honor’s henna
These ladies are ready for the wedding!
Always better with your sister and maid of honor by your side.



Congratulations to Sima and Curtis!  Wishing you both many years of love and happiness!



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