spring has sprung

Spring in New York is officially here, which means us East coasters are using any excuse we can to be outside.  For my husband and myself, that means t-shirts, ripped jeans, a picnic basket, and my camera.

When my husband Will and I started dating, he surprised me with an afternoon picnic in the park.  He had a real wicker basket including the classic red and white checkered blanket and an endless spread of wine and cheese.  Since that date, going on picnics have been a regular thing for us.  We pack up the basket, grab the blanket and head to a park.

Being cooped up all winter has us in desperate need of vitamin D.  The first glimpse of sun and warm temperatures has us running outdoors.  New Jersey and New York have the best scenic parks with views for miles – a photographer’s dream!

See a few of my favorite shots from our recent picnic dates…

The basket that charmed my heart in the early dating days ๐Ÿ™‚

Dinner and a view

Will enjoying the view… and pretending I am not taking his photo lol

Do these geese even realize the million dollar view they have??

View from the other side

Blooming trees

Spring blooms!

This photo here is the reason I love my husband, Will.  He is the best photographer assistant and always ready to jump in the shot… even if that means jumping on a rock overlooking the Hudson.

5 thoughts on “spring has sprung”

  1. OH goodness; these are gorgeous! I thought the pictures were paintings at first– until I read your blog. Fantastic photos and article. I love them and that’s an understatement. You should feel extremely proud.

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