mountains, sunrises, and ducks – oh my!

I love traveling.  I love exploring new places, trying new food, and experiencing the local culture.  Traveling has been a huge inspiration for my photography.  Not only do I get to document the places I have gone, but I get to see the world with a different pair of eyes.  I am constantly on the look out for artistic shots, little moments that no one is noticing, and details of what makes this place so great.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I traveled to Utah.  Neither of us have ever been and with him being an avid skier, we wanted to see what the west coast mountains were all about.  Although skiing didn’t end up working out for me (first time on the slopes!), I was able to capture the mountainous views and breathe in the fresh air.  Who knew this even existed in the United States?  With the surprising sunny weather and warm temperatures, I was able to wander for hours with my camera.


Being on East Coast time, I was wide awake at six in the morning and able to catch the sunrise over the mountains.  We were staying across the street from a hot spring, so all the little ponds were radiating steam into the cool morning air.

DSC_0117 - CopyDSC_0112 - CopyDSC_0135

It was so peaceful in the morning to be surrounded by miles and miles of views – just pink skies and snow capped mountains.



Later in the day, we were able to go swimming in one of these hot springs.  It was 90 degree crystal clear water inside a cave, called The Homestead Crater.  This cave was naturally made up of beautiful limestone with a 60 foot pool that is known to have healing minerals inside.



The wildlife in Utah was amazing.  I was fascinated with the colorful birds and several species of geese and ducks all in one place.  At one point, I was crouched down to get a close up of some ducks. I hear my husband behind me “He’s getting closer and he looks aggressive – run!”  Made for a great couple of shots before I had to run for my life…


So I survived the ducks and was able to catch a bird in flight.  Look at those orange wings! I have never seen a bird like this…


I love watching people and the interaction they are having with their loved ones.  Being a new photographer, I get nervous that I am invading people’s privacy and look like the paparazzi.  I loved this father and son fishing together as I am sure it is a memory they will have for a long time.  I wanted to capture the moment and was lucky enough to be walking by when they caught a fish! I was hesitant to get too close which left the fence in my way but I was able to score a shot of that fish the little boy caught.


You know those images you see in travel books and movies where the water is so clear you can see reflections?  Well now I know those are all taken in Utah!


I can never get sick of these views!  I am still in awe of how beautiful this world is.  Whether it’s the majestic mountain ranges or the light coming through my window, I know that life is developing one moment at a time.


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