a first for everything

This weekend, my husband’s adorable niece hit a huge milestone – she turned ONE!  You can imagine her special day was not short of balloons, princess tents, two outfit changes, and glitter cake.

DSC_0306DSC_0310 - Copy (2)

Being new to the photography world, this was my first chance to take photos of people and get some nice candid shots of the birthday girl and the family… not as easy as I thought! There were so many amazing moments, my mind was overwhelmed.  Everyone wanted to hold her, kiss her, play with her… it was challenging to capture everything!  Half my photos ended up with closed eyes, back of heads, or other people’s cell phones in the frame.


DSC_0505 - Copy (2)DSC_0507 - Copy (2)DSC_0600DSC_0472 - Copy (2)

The entire time, I was nervous to put the camera down or make any adjustments as I did not want to miss a thing.  Some of my photos during cake time were dark, but I am so glad I kept snapping… look what I captured!  She’s feeding Mommy some cake!

DSC_0556 - CopyDSC_0555 - Copy

Through this journey, my biggest insecurity is being that annoying girl with the camera in everyone’s face.  However, this experience showed me that when people are having fun and enjoying themselves, they do not even notice the camera.  Which gives me exactly what I wanted to come through the lens… real life unfolding… the unforgettable moments. DSC_0581 - CopyDSC_0491 - Copy (2)DSC_0364 - Copy (2)DSC_0362 - Copy (2)

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